The Harry Black Thriller series in order

The Cheat Killers

Cheating Husbands Beware!
Married men are being murdered in an unusual fashion. Clues are deliberately being left at the scene. Why? – Does this serial killer want to be discovered, or are they just taunting the police?
After a strange encounter with a woman on a plane, Detective Inspector Harry Black returns to London and takes over the investigation.
It seems unfaithful husbands are being targeted, but by whom? Who will be next?
Harry must find out quickly, but in the course of his investigation, events are thrown off balance by the arrival of a zealous new boss, and a life-threatening situation.
In addition, an attractive new colleague catches Harry’s eye. But is romance forthcoming?
The final scenes will leave you reeling and wanting more.
This rollercoaster novel starts off slowly and sedately, then dramatically picks up pace. Before you know it, you’ll be twisting and turning at speed and find yourself clinging on by your fingertips!”




Who Is The Tigerman?

A dead newspaper mogul. An assassin who is being pursued by another hitman. A powerful politician’s wife and her string of lovers. Not to mention DI Harry Black, who has his own issues.
When a professional assassin is given the task of eliminating newspaper tycoon Giles Cranberry, it’s just another job that requires one single shot.
Why then, is an extra body lying on the ground?
He quickly realises that there are other forces at play, forces that want to destroy his reputation and ultimately his life.
He has to use every ounce of his cunning to avoid the dangers that lie ahead, and avoid being captured, either by his unseen foe, or the police.
He goes in pursuit of his enemy, but is he running towards danger?
Meanwhile, DI Harry Black is drawn into the equation. Having suffered a huge personal loss, Harry must quickly put his grief to one side to discover who hired the hitman.
His investigation draws him into a quagmire of political intrigue, a party leader’s wife, who has been offering sexual favours to other politicians behind her husband’s back, and blackmail and corruption at the highest levels.
In the meantime, spice is added to Harry’s love life which gives him a dilemma.
The story culminates with a dramatic face-to-face encounter, but with whom?
Who is The Tigerman? will take you on a breathless journey. You’ll be twisted, turned, and gripped until the very end!

The Twist of a Sinner

Randolph Pearce appears to be the perfect gentleman.
As an adoring husband, a regular attendee at the local church, and a helpful local handyman, he is trusted and respected by the community.
However, outward appearances are deceptive. Pearce is far from the person people believe him to be, and when one evening, he is nearly caught peeping at a woman through a window, his subsequent actions cause the death of an old lady and then go on to start a chain of events that end up impacting many people’s lives.
What are Randolph Pearce’s hideously dark, nasty secrets?
What goes on in a cellar in underneath the church?
How do Randolph’s actions inadvertently affect a local villain, who finds himself drawn into the mess?
Newly promoted DCI Harry Black must, of course, find out. But as usual, he has his own issues to contend with. There are difficulties with superiors and the arrival of a new Detective Inspector, Claire Swift.
Does a chance meeting in a park lead to romance for Harry?

Deadly Room Service

Double murders take place at hotels in London and Manchester. DCI Harry Black and his team investigate, and uncover a viper’s nest of drug distribution and prostitution. But who is at the root of all this evil? Harry has one of his team pose as a hotel worker. A huge discovery is made which puts the undercover detective’s life in grave danger. As a result, there is a dramatic show-down at a disused Brighton theatre.

Will the young officer survive? A North London businessman has his life completely taken apart by a drugs baron from the underworld. Why does this man want to destroy his life? And is this businessman all that he seems?During the investigation, Harry’s ability to side-step love issues is threatened when the glamourous owner of one of the hotels– also a suspect– turns up the heat. Can Harry resist her advances?

Deadly Room Service is the fourth in the Harry Black thriller series. You will enjoy it from beginning to end, even if you haven’t read the others!

Harry Black Thrillers


The Powder King
A Harry Black Novella

Ready for you to read instantly!

Have you had your free novella yet?

A kidnapped taxi driver, a dead courier, and a supremo drugs baron. And Harry Black had been planning to relax!

When DI Harry Black takes some time off to travel to Marbella in Spain, he doesn’t expect his taxi driver to be kidnapped by a man toting a gun.

From that moment, he is entrenched in a world of drug trafficking, power, corruption and intrigue, where a local gangland boss seems to control some of the police but who else might be under his influence?

Harry teams up with Rosita Moreno, an agent with the Spanish secret service. Harry recruits his friend Will Kidman to go undercover. What Will discovers is the ingenious method used to smuggle cocaine into Spain by ruthless British gangsters. 

This novella, a taster of the Harry Black series, will leave you breathless, and wanting more.


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