Harry Black Thrillers

The Powder King

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A kidnapped taxi driver, a dead courier, and a supremo drugs baron. And Harry Black had been planning to relax!

When DI Harry Black takes some time off to travel to Marbella in Spain, he doesn’t expect his taxi driver to be kidnapped by a man toting a gun.

From that moment, he is entrenched in a world of drug trafficking, power, corruption and intrigue, where a local gangland boss seems to control some of the police but who else might be under his influence?

Harry teams up with Rosita Moreno, an agent with the Spanish secret service. Harry recruits his friend Will Kidman to go undercover. What Will discovers is the ingenious method used to smuggle cocaine into Spain by ruthless British gangsters. 

This novella, a taster of the Harry Black series, will leave you breathless, and wanting more. Much more.